[tulip] patch for Intel AnyPoint (21145 HomePNA)

Brian Rogers w006552@airmail.net
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 06:29:43 -0000

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Attached is a patch that allows the tulip driver to work with Intel AnyPoint
1Mbps HomePNA cards.  I suppose it should work with any Intel 21145 HomePNA
card, but I only have the one.  

It is not well integrated with the rest of the code but, since I don't really
understand the rest of the code very well, I figure it is probably safer like
it is.

In order to use it, specify "options=18" as a module parameter in the
/etc/conf.modules file or when using insmod.  I have the following two lines
in my /etc/conf.modules file:

        alias eth0 tulip
        options eth0 options=18

To write this patch, I used Intel's hardware reference for the 21145 chip,
available from http://www.intel.com/design/network/manuals/

/* Brian Rogers, professional geek, coffee achiever */

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