[tulip] tulip and IRQ 0

Nicholas, John S John.Nicholas@PSS.Boeing.com
Thu, 8 Feb 2001 13:47:16 -0800


I am running 2.2.15 Yellow dog Linux on an Synergy board (PowerPC).  With help
from Don Becker I got the tulip driver working on my system... mostly.

My problem was with interrupts (as Don pointed out).  I have fixed this for 3
of the 4 PMC positions on my board.  In the last position the PMC Ethernet board
wants to be IRQ 0, but the tulip driver does not seem to accept an irq of 0.

I changed the pci-scan.c file line 169 as follows and it seems to work:

[root@dms1 modules]#  diff pci-scan.c pci-scan.c.good
<                        (pdev->irq == 255)) {
>                        (pdev->irq == 0 || pdev->irq == 255)) {

Is there a reason IRQ 0 can not be used?

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