Kernel panic with Netgear Lite-On PNIC and v0.91

Martin Weinberg
Tue Jun 15 11:53:44 1999


Thanks for the reply!

Mark Hahn wrote on Tue, 15 Jun 1999 05:10:00 -0000
>> We have experienced a number of freezes under very heavy
>> load which led me to switch our cluster running kernel 2.2.5 
>2.2.5 was _horrible_ under load; the nic is not relevant.
>there's a reason we're up to 2.2.10...

Interesting.  Kernel 2.2.5 has been good for us in our benchmarks,
at least relative to 2.0.36.  I will try 2.2.10 as soon as I can 
free-up the cluster from my students' clutches.

Still nervous about these Lite-Ons and v0.91 but no one else
seems to have had the same experience . . . 



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