FA310T Netgear revD1 NIC

bart@vianet.net.au bart@vianet.net.au
Mon Jun 7 05:40:28 1999


I having big problems with the FA310T Netgear revD1 NIC
I'v use the Netgear changed driver, the 2.2.9 tulip.c, the 0.91 tulip.c and the
0.91e with no luck.

This is what happens.

I will try to ping a box on our network lets say the router, I will start the
ping the pings will fail. If I run arp it says incomplete HW address. It seems
to only fail if there is net activity on the box Im trying to ping even if its
small say even 5-10k a sec, ping will fail to the box Im trying to ping untill
the activity stops. I have no problem with other boxes with different NIC on the

tulip-diag shows the card to be "Lite-On 82c168 PNIC rev 33" with the 0.91e

The Boxes run Redhat6.0, kernel 2.2.9, non-SMP, glibc2.1.

Thanks for any help 

E-Mail: bart@vianet.net.au
Date: Mon Jun  7 05:40:28 1999
Time: 17:19:56

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