0.91e & Kingston KNE110TX

Steve Madsen steve@moonglade.com
Sun Jun 6 02:28:28 1999

At 08:53 AM 6/3/99 , Bill Paul wrote:
>Either there's a hardware problem that's preventing the driver from
>reading the PHY registers correctly, or the driver is reading them wrong.

I think I'm going to chalk this up to a hardware problem.  I took both
of your suggestions and dug up the driver disk for the card.  The
diagnostic program is actually a part of installation, which is why I
didn't see it right away.  Running those turns up a failure testing the
interrupt line.  I tried moving it to a different interrupt (by setting
the old one as "reserved" in BIOS) and the problem didn't go away.  The
card was also incorrectly detected as full-duplex 100BaseTX, connected
to the same 10BaseT ADSL modem.

Booting the FreeBSD install kernel shows some broken behavior, too.  It
complains about something like frame setup.  I don't remember the exact
message and it scrolled off the screen too quickly for me to jot it down.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much, the card was essentially free.
It's too bad that cards with the real Digital chip are getting so hard to find.

Thanks for your help, Bill.

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