NetGear FA310TX on a 486 MB

Donald Becker
Fri Apr 30 03:40:04 1999

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Peter Leschev wrote:

> Subject: Re: NetGear FA310TX on a 486 MB

> > > If so you'll have to pass the module option "csr0=0x01A04800" to avoid a PCI
> > > burst bug that may cause problems.
> Can this option be used with the via-rhine driver?

No.  This is a Tulip-specific option to initialize the bus performance

The possible value are lightly covered in the driver comments, but only fully
documented in the Tulip manual (e.g. the 21143 Hardware Reference Manual).
There are many bitfield in CSR0, and the optimal setting is processor,
motherboard and load dependent.

> I think I have a buggy PCI Motherboard...

The VIA Rhine likely has similar controls in the 'PCIBusConfig' register,
but the settings are not documented.

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