Problem solved: DEC 21143 on 2.0.34 kernel

MJ Watson
Wed Apr 28 14:02:53 1999

After two weeks of chasing my tail and learning a fair amount, the
answer to the various tulip drivers not working turned out to be
the default config for ipfwadm.  By that time I was up to testing 
v.091 of the driver, which I'm now running on.

The answer, BTW, was found in the Debian archives.

However, with that working, an install on another machine still
failed to work with the included driver.  Utilizing the v.091
driver solved that problem, so the Debian 2.0 tulip driver won't
work as is.

Thanks for all of the help.

Michael Watson           Unix Systems Administrator
U.S. Coast Guard Aircraft Repair and Support Center
CGAS Elizabeth City, NC                252.334.5269