Alpha 164UX

Maurice Hilarius
Tue Apr 27 12:06:22 1999

With regards to your message at 03:17 PM 04-27-99 +0200, Albrecht Jacobs.
Where you stated:
We too have this problem. Currently we have 76 machines in build, and there
appears to be several hundred UX with this problem out there. The hardware
DOES work with the NT drivers supplied by API, so the hardware CAN function.
We have offered to send a machine to Donald Becker. He has not replied, so
I take it he is either not available, or does ot care to tackle this..

>On Tue, 27 Apr 1999, Grahame Jordan wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I have a couple of Alpha 164UX mother boards that have on board DEC
>> 21143 Ethernet
>> Controllers.
>> I had this trouble with the tulip driver that came with RedHat on intel
>> using kernel
>> 2.2.3, but overcame the problem with an updated tulip.c, 0.90z.
>> If I go through a 100Mhz TX hub and set options=5 the hub senses the
>> interfaces 
>> but the same problem as above.
>> I have just tried the latest driver 0.91 with the same problem.
>> How can I fix this?
>I have similar problems on a 164UX2 with 21143 onboard. 
>Donald Becker: could you PLEASE give a statement to this problem. As far
>as I know until now it is hardware related. Is there a way to overcome
>this by software (speak: tulip.c)??
>I am VERY interested in solving this for our machine shall be a network
>server--and there must be hundreds of UX owners with similar problems!
>Thanks for all related suggestions!

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