Kingston KNE100TX and the tulip driver

Patrick Goetz
Mon Apr 26 18:13:15 1999

what happens when you type ifconfig?

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Justin Georgeson wrote:

> Alright, I have 9 machines with these cards and I'm putting Linux on them. The 
> problem that I'm having is this, everything seems to load fine (all the network
> modules load without error messages) and ifconfig reports that eth0 is up. I can
> ping/telnet/ftp/whatever to myself. I can't ping anyone else and nobody can ping
> me. I checked that the IP was free before assigning it. I know the DNS servers
> are listed correctly, linuxconf says to use files then DNS for name resolution, 
> but I don't think it's name resolution because pinging an IP doesn't work. It's
> not bad hardware because I can do the transmit/receive test with these machines,
> which should also rule out problems with the cards negotiating with the hubs,
> which are cabletron 10 Mbps. Using the Kingstion programs the cards were able to
> autodetect 10Mbps, half duplex so I'm quite sure it's not a NIC/hub clash. The
> cables are CAT 5 and good, I tried 3 different cables with the machine, nothing.
> I can provide the output from the tulip-diag if someone would like. The problem
> is, I'm not even sure it's the card, I experienced a similar problem with an SMC
> 10 Mbps ISA card, the Kingstons are PCI BTW. I double checked for IRQ/IO port
> conflicts, I'm okay there. Please help.
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