v0.91 driver released for testing

Donald Becker becker@cesdis1.gsfc.nasa.gov
Fri Apr 16 23:51:04 1999

OK, after working on the Tulip driver, to the exclusion of most other things
I should have been doing, I'm finally ready to do another release.


I'm assuming that this driver fixes all reported problems, so please
re-report any problems that remain.

v0.91 of 4/14/99

Rewrote the 21143 NWay setup.
  This involved extensive changes since it uses the media table in a way
  that's incompatible with 21140 .
Fixed some PowerPC issues.
  Thanks go to Kazumitsu Hanai <hanai@koto5.kpu-m.ac.jp> for extensive testing.
  The driver should now work unmodified with all but the 21040, which
  doesn't have hardware mixed-endian support.
Changed the 21040 media selection.
  Corrected the media locking, which was ignored during transmit timeouts.
Worked around the ASIX 88140 PCI no-burst-limit bug by modifying CSR0.
Changed tulip_suspend() to not call tulip_close().
  This would screw up the module use count if the card was ejected while
Restructured the receive mode setup.
  Reordered the perfect filter list for better code generation.
  Added a multicast hash filter entry for the broadcast address (21140 bug).

Things that I would like a report on:
  Large multicast lists with the 21140 or 21140A chips.
  Multicast with the ASIX and Comet chips.
  Media selection with 21143 cards using symbol mode transceivers.

Things known to be broken:
  I've rewritten PNIC symbol mode media selection code, but it breaks with
  some cable disconnect-reconnect timing.  This will have to go in v0.92.

  PNIC2 media selection could use some more work.

  Untrackable hangs when resuming CardBus cards.

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