Is there a BSD port of tulip.c

Donald Becker
Wed Apr 14 16:56:39 1999

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Ramkumar Vadivelu wrote:

> I am trying to debug a problem (Znyx card not coming
> up in auto-neg mode) on FreeBSD. I found that tulip.c
> (in Linux) is much more modular (and code base is half
> the size of BSD's) and getting updated regularly
> compared to if_de.c in FreeBSD.

I've been working very hard over the years to make certain that tulip.c
supports the most cards possible.  And it does take much more time than most
people realize -- I've spent of my time over the past week
working on releasing v0.91, and I still have about a dozen cards to test
before I release it.

> So, I am thinking of
> doing a BSD port of tulip.c (need to evaluate whether
> it can be done easily).. and I was curious to know
> whether anyone else has this port already??? If yes,
> can you pls provide pointers??

You can do the port, but it would be a violation of the license to
distribute the result.  I am not willing release the Tulip driver under a
BSD-style license.

Donald Becker
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