Next tulip driver?

Donald Becker
Mon Apr 5 18:05:45 1999

On Mon, 5 Apr 1999, Jason wrote:

> Does anyone know when the next tulip.c 0.90* is going to come out?

Yes.  I do.

> I am haveing trouble getting my Linksys cardbus card to work(keep getting
> Tx hung, 15 vs. 0) And after a LONG time of searching the archives I found
> out that (I think) I need one of the newer drivers that as far as I know
> are unreleased? like T. (And yes I am running the latest pcmcia-cs-3_0_9
> and tulip.c 0.90q that I can find)

Hopefully 0.99x will be out tonight.

I found one of the remaining bugs in the 21143 NWay autonegotiation today:
I was overwriting CSR13-CSR15 with generic values when switching to
100baseTx-FDX, but handling 100baseTx/10baseT/10baseT-FDX correctly.

This is a problem with 21143 cards that use the GPIO pins to switch on the
100baseTx SYM transceiver.  Those cards must use the values specified in the
EEPROM media table, not the generic values.

The remaining problem is correctly restarting autonegotiating/autosensing
when the cable is disconnected.

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