Multiple ethernet cards

Raw Baggard
Sun Oct 18 23:29:18 1998

On most modern BIOS's you can inform them of which IRQ's the ISA devices
are taking up, and then the BIOS won't assign any PCI devices to that
particular IRQ (it worked for me, when I had a ISA and a PCI network

On Sun, 18 Oct 1998, David R. Kohel wrote:

> I expected that I would need to change the IRQ on one or the 
> other card.  The 3Com card does not have any toggle switches 
> which can be set.
> In a previous message I mentioned this problem, but didn't 
> mention that one of the cards was not PCI.  Does anyone know 
> how I can change the IRQ's?  
> --David
> P.S.  I have no DOS.