[realtek] rtl8139.c Compile Failure

Darryl Cousins darryl@ipage.pl
Tue Jan 28 18:37:01 2003

Jeff wrote:
> Is the kernel's pcmcia support (CONFIG_CARDBUS, CONFIG_8139TOO) failing
> for you?
> Kernel 2.4.x includes everything you should need to use your network
> card, without any additional packages.

Hi Jeff,

That's not it unfortunately. I have a Toshiba Satellite 220CS with no OS.
I'm trying to get a Tomsrtbt dist to recognise my Intellinet 10/100 32bit
CardBus so I can continue with a network install. 
>From the manufacturer the given linux driver is rtl8139.c
Now that I've finally got that to compile I'm still having no luck.

This is OT but here goes:

insmod pcmcia_core - OK
insmod ds          - OK
insmod i82356      - OK and recognises the two card slots

but now haywire:
pci-skeleton       - error reading ELF headers
pci-scan           - unresolved symbols
cb_enabler, cb_shim amd realtek_cb - also unresolved symbols

I've done lots of searching for an answer and that's how I come to 
looking at the above modules. I'm going pretty much hit and miss in 
the dark.

With kind regards, Darryl

PS Sorry Jeff and MFowler for personal post - I just hit reply without
checking the address.  :o|