Baynetworks 15 T switch and Intel 10/100 MBPs Card (fwd)

Dr. S.K. Singh
Thu Mar 30 06:20:04 2000

Hi all,
I am using Redhat 6.1 in my server. Yesterday i tried to switch my
hub based network to fast 100 MBPS switches from Bay Networks.

My network internet IP on eth0 alised as eth0:0 with private network when
I shifted to switche my Redhat 6.1 based Server Intel ether express 10/100
mbps card shows as 100 mbps link but it does not ping to any machine on
network. I forced to work the card to 100 MPBPS evne then it did not work.
When I connect to Hub at 10 MBPS or switch port forced to 10 MBPS whole
network is accessible from server but not when 100 MBPS port is used

Any suggestions
I am using Cat 5 Lucent AT&T cabl. I have intelexpress Pro 10/100. I have
changed the card too


	Dr. S. K. Singh, Ph. D. (Pantnagar)
	Agril. Res. Services. (ICAR),
	Dep. of Agril Res. and Education. (Govt of India)
 	Senior Scientist (AG&B) and I/C ARIS Cell,
	CIRG, Makhdoom, Farah, Mathura
	281122, India. Ph. 91-565-7-63334(R)
		63246 (Fax), 63325 (O)

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