collisions with 1.09t

Donald Becker
Sat Mar 18 03:31:30 2000

On Sat, 18 Mar 2000, Andrey Savochkin wrote:

> > 
> > Also, how might I check to be sure that the NIC is not erroneously
> > defaulting to full duplex?
> As far as I can tell, by default the driver keep transmitter's parameters
> (speed and duplex) uninitialized.  So it may appear that your card works in
> full duplex mode with autonegotiation turned off.

The hardware initializes itself to autonegotiation, advertising the standard
set of capabilities.

There is a reason for not explicitly setting the transceiver register by
Initializing the settings, without an explicit specification of media type,
will break forward compatibility.  Vis. the addition of flow control -- if
the earlier drivers had initialized the advertised capabilities, the flow
control feature would have been disabled.

> You may check the current mode by mii-diag program (the link to this program
> may be found on

A better URL is

Donald Becker
Scyld Computing Corporation,

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