I need more comments/suggestions -- Re: Intel Pro 100+ Dual Port Server Adapter

Daniel Senie dts@senie.com
Fri Mar 3 00:42:03 2000

> "Krawl, Roeland" wrote:
>      I can not find the "just-released Linux driver" on Intels
>      website. I found drivers for many other OS'es but not for Linux.
>      A URL to the Linux driver would be helpful.


	http://www.intel.com/  select support, drivers, networking,
	ethernet, single and dual port server adapters. And you'll see it.

or, try:


and you'll see the Linux driver listed.

One word of caution. If you use a box which runs an SMP kernel,
recompile the driver before trying to use it.

>      Daniel Senie wrote:
>      >> The just-released Linux driver available on the Intel website
>      works very
> >> well with these cards and others.
> >> Folks trying to figure out how to talk
> >> to these chips will probably find your answers in the source code
> Intel
> >> released.

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