[Beowulf] nVidia revealed as evil

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at rutgers.edu
Fri Jan 5 14:52:19 PST 2018

On Jan 3, 2018, at 10:57, Lawrence Stewart <stewart at serissa.com<mailto:stewart at serissa.com>> wrote:

Of course you cannot use our less expensive hardware for whatever you want!  Beacuse it includes proprietary software, we can ex-post-facto forbid you from using the thing you paid for any way you want.

Looks like Stallman was right all along.

There has been a conversation going on on the AMBER mailing list for some time, related to this and specifically to the Volta card in some way, since AMBER performs best on the consumer grade stuff and doesn’t require the enterprise class features (I guess the reason for the performance difference is that the next gen consumer cards come out first?).

Anyhow, I spoke to an NVIDIA rep about it at SC17 and he kind of said “we are happy you’re buying whatever chip of ours). I said, sure, maybe, but I understand you’re putting the screws to the systems vendors so how are we supposed to buy them. Didn’t get a real concrete answer.

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