[Beowulf] [upgrade strategy] Intel CPU design bug & security flaw - kernel fix imposes performance penalty

Christopher Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Fri Jan 5 11:14:14 PST 2018

On 06/01/18 03:46, Jonathan Aquilina wrote:

> Chris on a number of articles I read they are saying AMD's are not 
> affected by this.

That's only 1 of the 3 attacks to my understanding. The Spectre paper says:

# Hardware. We have empirically verified the vulnerability of several
# Intel processors to Spectre attacks,  including Ivy Bridge, Haswell
# and Skylake based processors.    We  have  also  verified  the
# attackā€™s  applicability to  AMD  Ryzen  CPUs.   Finally,  we  have
# also  successfully mounted Spectre attacks on several Samsung and
# Qualcomm processors (which use an ARM architecture) found in popular
# mobile phones.

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