[Beowulf] ATX on switch

Tomislav Maric tomislav.maric at gmx.com
Sun Oct 4 06:37:02 PDT 2009

Hi Dmitri and Tony,

thank you both very much for your answers. I'm on my way to rip out a
switch from an old computer case so I can start the master node for the
first time (hopefully without calling the firemen and an ambulance :) ).

I'll setup the BIOS as you've told me: "ON after AC loss". Does that
mean that next time it will be turned on(off) when the PS is turned on(off)?

I know I only have 2 nodes and I can use the switches, but if this
works, I'll be expanding it, so I want this problem covered (12 on/off
switches... I'm too lazy for that). :)

If I do this,  I can power the master with PS on switch, and use the
switch I have for adding another node with the same setup: set it up to
run diskless, set it's BIOS the same way, turn it off, disconnect the
switch and use it for adding another node. Is this OK?

Best regards,

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