[Beowulf] Small form computers as cluster nodes - any comments about the Shuttle brand ?

Jon Tegner tegner at renget.se
Sat Aug 8 22:42:28 PDT 2009

David Ramirez wrote:
> Due to space constraints I am considering implementing a 8-node (+ 
> master) HPC cluster project using small form computers. Knowing that 
> Shuttle is a reputable brand, with several years in the market, I 
> wonder if any of you out there has already used them on clusters and 
> how has been your experience (performance, reliability etc.)
Not exactly what you asked for, but slightly related anyway: I have been 
working on small AND silent lately.  You can check  some pictures at


You can judge the size from the mainboards (24.5x24.5 cm) or by the 
standard 3.5 HD.

There are no fans in this system (except for the power bricks), and it 
is reasonably small. Cooling is achieved by transferring heat from cpus 
to a cooling channel, and this heat is then removed by natural 
convection. The orientation of the boards also improves the cooling of 
the other components on the boards.

The absence of fans (and small size) makes a system like this suitable 
for use in an office (1u system are generally very noisy).

I'm working on an article for ClusterMonkey, and I'll fill in missing 
details on that forum.



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