Beostatus and Scyld Configuration Question

Michael Wiltberger wiltbemj at
Mon Apr 23 15:59:54 PDT 2001

  I've just used the Scyld Beowulf 2.0 Preview release to setup a 13
node 25 processor beowulf cluster.  Each of the 12 compute 12 nodes has
128MB of memory as well as a 4GB disk drive and has been setup using the
default options.  When I run beostatus I see that approxmately 95% of
the memory is currently in use.  Is bproc really using 121MB of memory? 
When I try to run a simple code which allocates 120MB of memory I get
the following error from mpi
p0_23484:  p4_error: interrupt SIGSEGV: 11

Have I misconfigured something or do we need more memory for the
system.   Any advise is appericated.

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